Pro Audio Microphone

This is the microphone, pop filter, and desk scissor boom needed for a podcast recording system. Either buy 1 system or 2 if you have in studio guests

USB Audio Interface

This is the device to connect professional microphones to your computer via the USB port. You can connect 1 or 2 microphones to this device to record 1 or 2 guests. You will need a computer or laptop to run the software. You must have a PC or Mac to use with hardware and software to record mp3s

MP3 Audio and Editing Software

You need this software to record the audio and save as edited or unedited mp3 files. NOTE: This software is for PC only. If you have a Mac, use Garageband

Optional Mixing and Production Software

This software will allow you to mix multiple sources of audio, music, sound effects and sweetening required to make a profession show. This is a steeper learning curve, but what I use to produce shows for my clients.