Mike Stewart PCO Monthly Podcast Content Marketing Program

  1. Configuring your WordPress website or building new one for podcasting and blog
  2. Setup backup security, software updates, marketing plugins added for podcast
  3. Submit Podcast to Apple, Google, Spotify and Amazon
  4. Consult to produce 4 keyword rich blog posts, and podcasts monthly to post (30 minutes a month when you master our system) You record 4 5-minute shows with our easy-to-use template. We transcribe, produce with intro outro music, post, and title to your website.
  5. Help you with your setup audio and video production support (Cameras, Microphones, Software)
  6. Learn to use http://joinstreamyard.com for interviews and content creation
  7. YouTube Channel setup – repurpose system implemented.
  8. Facebook Business page setup – repurpose system implemented.


Pricing Options

$300 per month – no contract – cancel at any time.
https://doneforyoupodcastservice.com/300 Go here to sign up.

Buyout of jingle and monthly production program, no contract $1500 then $300 per month


Program plus jingle financed: $419 for 12 months, balance of jingle due to cancel contract.

https://doneforyoupodcastservice.com/$419 Go here to sign up.

$300 per hour with no monthly commitment or program, only as needed